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Leading Waterproofing N Roofing Solutions in
Los Angeles

In the heart of Los Angeles, we are the go-to specialists for comprehensive Roofing N waterproofing solutions. Our team is proficient in a wide array of services, from sheet metal craftsmanship and deck coatings to innovative roofing and air barriers. We're dedicated to simplifying your waterproofing journey.

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Composition Shingles And Cool Roof

Discover the perfect combination of durability and style with our composition shingles. Paired with our cool roof technology, they offer lasting protection while keeping your home energy-efficient and your bills low.

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Roof Coating Systems

Commercial and Residential Installation of PVC single-ply roofing membranes and waterproofing coating.

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Tile & Slate Roof

Tile roofs exude elegance and curb appeal, perfect for Southwest-style and Mediterranean-inspired homes in Los Angeles, CA. Crafted from fired clay, concrete, or slate, they offer both beauty and unmatched durability for long-lasting protection.

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Your #1 Choice

Trust The Concrete Polishing Specialist Who Know It Best!

Surfacing N Waterproofing

About Company

In the dynamic environment of Los Angeles Surfacing And Waterproofing by IHC GROUP emerges as a trusted leader in waterproofing and coating solutions. With years of expertise, our dedicated team delivers a range of services from advanced Below-Grade waterproofing systems, roof deck waterproofing, deck coatings, balcony waterproofing, sheet metal, and air barriers to crucial waterproof repairs.
At Surfacing And Waterproofing, we don’t just offer services; we deliver peace of mind, ensuring that your property remains safeguarded against weather-induced deterioration for years to come, with minimal maintenance.
Join us in our mission to redefine standards and elevate the essence of true quality in waterproofing and surfacing.

We Specializes In


We provide our waterproofing and related services to a wide variety of clients. Some of the types of clients that we provide service to include:

Large Warehouses & Warehouse Outlets
Retail Stores
Hotels & Restaurants
Office Buildings
Auto Showrooms
Private Residences


Best Products

Utilizing top-tier waterproofing and coating solutions, ensuring that every product applied meets the highest standards of durability and performance.


We stand confidently behind our work with a lifetime warranty, reflecting our commitment to excellence and the enduring trust you can place in our services.


With a wealth of experience in the Los Angeles area, our team offers expert services ranging from deck coatings to waterproof repairs, all backed by years of industry knowledge.


Our approach is comprehensive, focusing on both roofing and waterproofing to deliver a full spectrum of property protection services.


Waterproofing N Surfacing provides a straightforward process to get a quote, ensuring potential clients can easily start their journey to better property protection.


The waterproofing service for our new roof by Waterproofing N Surfacing was exceptional. They delivered a seamless, leak-proof finish that has already withstood the season's toughest storms. Their thorough approach means we can trust our roof to stay dry and damage-free.
Delighted with Waterproofing N Surfacing's deck waterproofing. Every nook is sealed, protecting against the elements. Our deck looks great and is weatherproof, all thanks to their excellent coating work.


Dive into our blog for the newest trends and expert advice on waterproofing and surfacing solutions. We explore a range of topics, from advanced waterproofing techniques that safeguard your property to aesthetic surfacing options that elevate your space. Interested in custom solutions or have questions? Connect with us—fill out the ‘Get A Quote’ form or contact us directly for personalized assistance.

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